A bicycle saddle that adjusts to fit all riding styles & body types to help men & women ride pain & worry-free

New 2018 BiSaddle ShapeShifter

See the ShapeShifter upgrades that will help you enjoy a “pain free” and “worry free” bike ride.

The Solution To Your Saddle Frustrations

We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find a comfortable saddle. Like you, we want to enjoy the ride, focus on our training, take in the scenery, have fun with our friends and NOT be distracted by saddle pain.

Nobody should have to settle with saddle pain, discomfort or numbness all because they couldn’t find the right saddle.

Get the worlds’ only saddle for men, women & youth that adjusts to fit your body shape and riding style to eliminate pain, numbness and worry.


The Ultimate Bike Saddle

Designed For Comfort,

Performance & Sexual Health