Why Your Saddle Is Dangerous

“there are only two kinds of male cyclists – those who are impotent and those who will be impotent.”

Of course, Dr. Goldstein said that BEFORE we invented the revolutionary Bisaddle!

The problem isn’t you or bike riding. The problem is your saddle!

Bicycle Riding Good for Health, Bad for Sex , Fact or Fiction?

Too many active people have been advised —or have decided on their own—to give up a healthy, fun-filled sport … a sport they love with all their hearts: Bicycle riding.

Still others have decided not to start riding bikes at all because of the reported risks of developing embarrassing or painful physical conditions: prostate problems, surgery, ED, urinary tract infections, and more.

A Study into Saddles, Comfort & Health

Watch the 3D Video which demonstrates how traditional saddles put pressure in blood vessels and nerves.

“High pressure is exerted on the blood vessels in the genital area during cycling caused by the body weight of the sportsman. The consequence… risk of continuous impotency.”  Dr. Frank Sommer

“There’s as much penis inside the body as outside … When you sit on a regular bike saddle, you’re sitting on your penis.” Dr Steven Schrader

“Much of the biomedical community has reached a consensus about the association between erectile dysfunction and bicycle saddles—  “Cutting Off the Nose to Save the Penis” 2008 NIOSH Study

Risks of traditional saddle

Study reveals that riding or sitting on a traditional saddle for long periods of time could cause….

  • Inability for women to reach orgasm
  • Difficulty for men to get an erection
  • Double your risk of prostate cancer

Soft tissue bruising and pain

Pressure from the nose of regular bicycle seats, make an extended ride not just uncomfortable but downright damaging.

  • Regular saddles can leave you feeling sore and numb “down under”
  • There’s nothing fun about painful pressure on your genitals
  • The longer you sit or ride…the more damage you cause

Long-term consequence of pressure

A typical bike seat directs  pressure against your perineum  that contains the nerves and arteries to your genitals.
  • Long-term pressure can cause impotence in males,
  • Women can also experience numbness and sexual dysfunction
  •  Those considered overweight or obese have increased risks

“BiSAddle, A Miracle Cure.”

See what other cyclists have to say about BiSaddle

“No more scrotum pain, hallelujah.”

– L.D., Australia

“Never such comfort, no pain, no misery, no numbness.”

– Andy

“Superior to traditional saddles with no numbness, pain or sexual problems.”

– G.B., Texas

“Installed Bisaddle and now I can’t go back.”

– J.P., Oregon

 Traditional Saddle VS BiSaddle

Traditional Saddle Features:



BiSaddle Features:

“I noticed a marked improvement that had nothing to do with Viagra. The duration of a sustained erection had diminished with years of riding a traditional saddle, but bounced back with regular riding of the Bisaddle” Robert Brown

As a physician, aware of the long term consequence of pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum (groin area) which could include impotence in the male, I highly recommend the “BiSaddle®BYG

I wanted to tell you how wonderful I find the BiSaddle!! I was miserable on my saddle…Your saddle saved me from possibly giving up riding!! L.P. Florida

“Superior to traditional saddles with no numbness, pain or sexual problems.” – G.B., Texas

“Installed Bisaddle and now I can’t go back.” – J.P., Oregon

“I thought I would have to give up cycling … It’s rare a product has such a positive impact on your life. I have never gone numb with Bisaddle.” – Brad C.

“Bisaddle, all I have to say is wow! No numbness, no pain.” – J.G., Hawaii

“I was desperate and I was immediately amazed, no numbness or discomfort.” – Don W.

“Never such comfort, no pain, no misery, no numbness.” – Andy

“Bisaddle is the only noseless saddle for the serious cyclist.” – M.M., California

“If I couldn’t bike on Bisaddle I’d stop biking.” – Andrew D., Seattle

“Bisaddle is a miracle cure.” – Rick S. Rolle, North Carolina

“No more scrotum pain, hallelujah.” – L.D., Australia

“Every bike rider owes it to himself to try Bisaddle. I will never go back to a traditional saddle.” – M.W., Portland

“I won’t ride any other saddle.” – C.C., Oregon