Traditional Saddle VS BiSaddle

Traditional Saddle Features:



BiSaddle Features:


The World’s Healthiest Bicycle Saddle

Safer, More Comfortable, Simply Extraordinary

The primary benefits of the revolutionary Bi-Saddle include increased riding comfort (no more numbness or pain), unimpeded sexual potency, and no more erectile dysfunction caused by riding common bike saddles

  • No more genital numbness
  • No more sitting on your saddle in pain
  • No more erectile dysfunction

  • Comfort 90% 90%
  • Sexual Health 99% 99%
  • Performance 95% 95%

Now there’s a new, breakthrough saddle that’s specifically designed for you to:

  • Ride in pure comfort & boost performance
  •  Is excellent for riders with prostate problems, groin injuries, vasectomies, ED, extra weight, pregnancies, and other medical conditions
  • No more erectile dysfunction caused by riding common bike saddles.
  • Puts no pressure on soft tissues, genitals or testicles
  • Supports sit bones
  • Is fully adjustable (front and rear) to conform to your unique shape
  • Offers better blood supply to your legs for greater endurance
  • Lets you climb hills and avoid bumps without leaving the saddle, so it’s safer
  • Is smaller than common saddles to fit you perfectly where support is needed (against your sit bones)
  • Has a 90-day return policy guarantee—if you don’t like it, simply return it for a full refund