These stories are from real BiSaddle owners. Images have been added to make their stories more interesting.

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Read all BiSaddle stories here. Be prepared to hear phrases like “miracle cure”, “changed my life”, “I love my BiSaddle” as you review the collection of stories from BiSaddle owners.  Have fun and we hope to add your experience to the many stories you will read.

Women BiSaddle Stories

Read stories from women BiSaddle owners here. Some stories are of women’s own experiences with BiSaddle and others relate how they helped their husbands prevent or alleviate problems associated with traditional saddles.

Men's BiSaddle Stories

Read about men’s experiences with BiSaddle here. Men make up the largest group of BiSaddle owners because of the many sexual health issues that BiSaddle resolves. Discover how BiSaddle prevents numbness, pain and has put hundreds of men “back in the saddle again”.


Thank you for making it possible for me to ride again.

In less than one week, I have ridden with the Bisaddle on my road bike for 126 miles. I am pleased to write that the saddle has been comfortable from the first mile to the last. For the first time in years I have been able to ride with no saddle-related problems....

With the BiSaddle there is no pain whatsoever

I absolutely love the saddle. I like to ride my bicycle to work but had given up on the idea because of continuing spinal pain. With the saddle there is no pain whatsoever. It is incredibly comfortable and I can't wait to explore some trails on my days off. The saddle...

We were about to give up this sport until I found the "BiSaddle"

I have been an avid cyclist for over 7 years since I developed plantar fasciitis from doing step aerobics in the gym. Cycling is truly an excellent sport and a way to communicate with nature except for the numbness and pain which resulted from prolonged use of...

This funny seat was the most comfortable that I have ever ridden on

Tried the seat First of all I want to share my BiSaddle experience with you. The product arrived shortly after our phone conversation around the middle of June. It came in a very unpretentious package which made no difference to me. I opened the package and looked at...

I experienced immediate results from riding this new design

The BiSaddle works extremely well for me as a road saddle. I have had a number of physical difficulties using any other type of saddle for the last five years. I have tried an exhausting number of non-traditional bicycle seats and have not found any other saddle that...

The new insight is real comfort and freedom from numbness

The first ride was a 12 mile pre-work 2 days ago. The very quick realization was that the points on the sit bones were still grounded nicely but lacked the sharpness at contact, that never was pain but now feels more comfortable and inviting, rather than just being...

I can ride my bike again.

Hi Jim- Your a freaking genius. With about 30 minutes of adjustment the seat is great. I can ride my bike again. Thanks Jim....Aloha Tom  

I can only say —- try it and you’ll be delighted.

Yo, Listen up here DUDES !! I bought a foam BiSaddle for my hybrid bike and was impressed enough to order another for my road bike a few months later. However, I thought that a softer foam seat would be the ticket to improved comfort and emailed Bycycle my concerns...

BiSaddle is comparable to swimming without a suit.

I am extremely pleased, and tell others. My wife is ready to try mine, and that may mean we order another. The way I explain it to others is, if you swim, and know the comfort difference of not wearing a bathing suit, using a BiSaddle is comparable to swimming without...

It was a God send for me as I found that I could no longer bike

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for coming up with this innovative design, fabricating it and making it available for people. It was a God send for me as I found that I could no longer bike due to nerve compression in the groin. I had tried every saddle design I...

BiSaddle "kicks ass" (not literally). It is incredibly comfortable

Hi Jim, I've been meaning to write you forever to let you know how much I love my BiSaddle. It "kicks ass" (not literally). It is incredibly comfortable. I never tilted my seat back as you suggested. After riding for a few weeks my body got used to the new weight...

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