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BiSaddle Da Vinci Performance


LIMITED OFFER, First 200 Da Vinci Saddles Orders.

  • Bike fitters, Bike Shops, competitive athletes and beta testers around the world have already snatched up the first limited production run from the initial launch at InterBike.

Redesigned for Greater Performance, Greater Comfort, Greater Health Protection!

Only BiSaddle Da Vinci Offers All Of This:

  • Patented, fully adjustable to anatomically fit your body & sit bones for ultimate comfort & support.
  • New modular design and replaceable components make it the last saddle you’ll ever buy.
  • No pressure on soft tissue perineum … which means no feelings of numbness in your genitals EVER!
  • New aerospace materials like carbon fiber and titanium for lightweight competitive performance
  • New proprietary foam padding  for greater comfort and support
  • New surface profile supports “sit bones” & boosts performance by promoting greater blood flow to the legs!


  • Adjustable titanium/alloy/Carbon Fiber reinforced chassis supports riders up to 250 Lbs.
  • Custom Light Weight: 260 grams ultra thin padding – 310-365 grams medium-thick padding
  • Fit Guide and Instructions
  • Seat post NOT included
  • NOTE: Saddles now have graphics and covers
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Get ready to experience the best rides of your life.

The original BiSaddle has changed the lives of thousands of cyclists throughout the world by eliminating numbness, pain and discomfort. The BiSaddle Da Vinci carries this same spirit, making use of aerospace materials and modular styling  to provide ride comfort, performance and safety never before experienced!

Your riding adventures are about to change forever… for the better.

Within hours of experiencing the no-pressure comfort of your radical, ground-breaking Bi-Saddle, you’ll wonder how you ever rode anywhere without it. Your rear end and precious body parts (the ones that so much of your off-road pleasure comes from) are going to thank you for the relief you’re offering them:

Protection From  Genital Injury

Women and men rejoice at the prospects of pain-free cycling for enthusiasts and professionals alike! The innovative design of BiSaddleDa Vinci provides support to the pelvic girdle—the “sit bones” –which reduces genital injury for women and impotence for men!

  • No more crushing of fragile veins, blood vessels, and soft tissues
  • Eliminates pressure on the perineum, which helps prevent sexual dysfunction and other issues in both men and women.
  • Removes pressure from soft genital tissues.
  • Reduced size, compared to other leading saddles, puts all of your weight where it needs to be – on your sit bones.

BiSaddle Da Vinci is the last saddle you’ll ever buy…

Each side of the BiSaddle Da Vinci may be adjusted independently to maximize riding comfort and reduce pressure to the pelvic girdle. BiSaddle Da Vinci’s versatility makes it a “for-the-rest-of-your-life purchase!” The patent pending modular design gives you an “erector set” of BiSaddle parts and accessories where each and every part is replaceable.  And the chassis carries a lifetime warranty which makes the BiSaddle Da Vinci a great investment.

Modular Features:

  • One BiSaddle Da Vinci is like having 1,000 saddles
  • Swap out padding for perfect support. BiSaddle can change with you, your bike and your riding style
  • Chassis stays mounted to seat post while new riding surfaces and padding can be changed in minutes.
  • Upgrade saddle riding surfaces as new saddle profiles are developed
  • Chassis carries a limetime warranty

Discover Pain-Free, Non-Damaging Cycling!

With the advent of the original BiSaddle, we focused on reducing injury from traditional bike saddles, and now, we are moving into the future with BiSaddleDa Vinci! Check out some of BiSaddle Da Vinci’s features.

  • Individually adjustable sides of the saddle allow for a level of customization that eliminates unnecessary pressure and discomfort. Every pelvis is different, meaning there’s no way traditional saddles will fit everyone perfectly.
  • Improves the blood supply to your legs, providing improved endurance.
  • Promotes sexual health and well-being
  • No more fatigued legs from insufficient blood flow

Exceptionally Lightweight!

The BiSaddleDa Vinci weighs only 260 to 450 grams due to its aerospace chassis system. Also, the BiSaddle Da Vinci is made from a combination of

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement.
  • Metallic Alloys.
  • Titanium Hardware.

Things are about to change: on your bike, in your bed, and just about everywhere else.

Now your entire body will enjoy the benefits of exhilarating aerobic exercise. On the Bi-Saddle you’ll be able to travel farther and go faster without assigning combat duty to your leg muscles.

So get ready to adjust your saddle to fit your unique undercarriage dimensions; then get in the game in ways you simply will not believe until you’re there.

Made in America!

Honestly Durable, Remarkably Adaptable, and Always Comfortable – The BiSaddle Da Vinci!

Coming Soon

Saddle Up … And Stop Putting Your Comfort & Your Sexual Health at Risk!

Here’s the problem:

Traditional bicycle saddles cause men and women to put pressure on the perineum, which is the area located between the external genitals and the anus.

set05a-500px In men, there is a sheath in the perineum that contains an artery and a nerve that are responsible for providing the penis with blood and sensation.

Sitting on a traditional bicycle saddle causes this sheath to compress, resulting in reduced blood flow and sensation to the penis.

Women have the same arteries and nerves which run to the clitoris and over time they can experience the same compression and the same reduced blood flow and sensation to their genitals.

Now here’s the solution:

The Bisaddle has been uniquely designed to eliminate the problems caused by traditional saddles. Here’s what we’ve done: We’ve split the saddle surface into two halves and made them fully adjustable so that the discomfort commonly associated with cycling can be completely eliminated.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Pain & Numbness!

This new innovative design not only looks stylish, but its surface contours and adjustability features ensure a perfect, custom fit for both men
and women.



That’s right, we took into consideration that the angle of the bones at the bottom of the pelvic girdle vary between 50° and 60° for men and between 80° and 85° for women.

We also understand that many of us are asymmetrical. To address these issues and ensure a perfect, custom fit for you we’ve made the BiSaddle individually adjustable both in the front and back of each half of the seat.

Take a Look at What Other Riders Have to Say About Bisaddle

“Never such comfort, no pain, no misery, no numbness.” – Andy

“Bisaddle is the only noseless saddle for the serious cyclist.” – M.M., California

“If I couldn’t bike on Bisaddle I’d stop biking.” – Andrew D., Seattle

“Bisaddle is a miracle cure.” – Rick S. Rolle, North Carolina

“No more scrotum pain, hallelujah.” – L.D., Australia

“Every bike rider owes it to himself to try Bisaddle. I will never go back to a traditional saddle.” – M.W., Portland

“Superior to traditional saddles with no numbness, pain or sexual problems.” – G.B., Texas

“Installed Bisaddle and now I can’t go back.” – J.P., Oregon

“I thought I would have to give up cycling … It’s rare a product has such a positive impact on your life. I have never gone numb with Bisaddle.” – Brad C.

“Bisaddle, all I have to say is wow! No numbness, no pain.” – J.G., Hawaii

“I was desperate and I was immediately amazed, no numbness or discomfort.” – Don W.

“I won’t ride any other saddle.” – C.C., Oregon

What makes the BiSaddle so different from everything else on the market?

The short answer is: The BiSaddle was designed through study of anatomy to solve major health problems, not by a marketing team.

What this means is that BiSaddle was designed with your health in mind first and  performance second. You’ll FINALLY be able to ride with absolutely NO pressure on your soft tissue perineum.

Riding is one thing, but riding with peace of mind is a totally different thing.

And once you say yes to BiSaddle, you’ll finally be able to ride and sit on your saddle for an hour, two hours, or however many hours you want WITHOUT worrying if you’re causing any long or short-term damage to your body and overall health.

The saddle is designed to support riders like YOU only on the bottom of your pelvic girdle (the Sit Bones) and not put pressure on any soft tissue (perineum).

Bisaddle catalog  FINAL rev26 crop

Here’s how it works:

  • The saddle consists of two individually adjustable surfaces that have two points of adjustment each (front and back, meaning there’s LOTS of adjustability)
  • These surfaces are contoured to fit the curvature of the bottom bones of your pelvic girdle (Ischiopubic rami and Ischial Tuberosities to be exact.)
  • These surfaces are mounted on a frame that allows the surfaces to be positioned to allow for both separation and angular variations.
  • This design addresses erectile dysfunction in men by allowing for up to 3/4 inch of separation of the surfaces in the front, which is where the dorsal artery passes under the pubic symphasis (bottom of the V) and into the genitals
  • By only supporting riders on the bones at the bottom of the pelvic girdle, it also eliminates pressure on the perineum.

As you probably already know, the perineum is where the prostate is for men is located and where all of women’s genitalia reside.

But here’s what’s really great about the BiSaddle…

You won’t experience any numbness in your genitals & NO pressure on your testicles either….

The BiSaddle is the ONLY saddle where both the front and rear of the saddle can be adjusted independently….

This allows for adaptation to almost every body type that exists.

  • The angle of the bones at the bottom of your pelvic girdle vary between 50-60° for men and between 80-90° for women.
  • Our pelvic bones are often asymmetrical. One side may be slightly different than the other
  • Small changes in surface positioning can make significant difference in comfort.
  • BiSaddle does not put pressure on any perineal tissue.

The design also eliminates the pressure that the standard saddle horn puts on nerves, arteries and veins that run along the sides of the ischiopubic rami (legs of the V).

The adjustability of the surfaces was initially thought to allow riders to position the surfaces directly underneath their unique pelvic architecture.

Subsequent experience has shown that positioning of the surfaces must also take into account individual variations in where nerves, veins and arteries exist.

The latest version of the BiSaddle includes optional height shims for the surfaces to accommodate potential pelvic variations.

When you compare the fact that with traditional saddles, which come with a long-term consequence of pressure on your nerves and blood vessels in your groin area, which could cause impotence in males, the BiSaddle is hands down the absolute best choice on the market today!

BiSaddle is backed by a guarantee

We’re so sure that you’ll be absolutely amazed at the difference the BiSaddle provides you with that we’re taking all of the risk away from you and placing it on ourselves by handing you a 60-day guarantee.

That’s right, you have an entire 2 months to test out the effectiveness of the BiSaddle with our 60 day return policy for satisfaction.

In addition to that, we’re also giving you a Lifetime materials and workmanship warranty on the chassis.

Our guarantee is simple: The BiSaddle Da Vinci MUST provide you with COMPLETE satisfaction.

If for some odd reason it does not, all you have to do is let us know and you’re covered!

Just a plain, simple and honest guarantee!

We do have one request, since BiSaddle is different from anything you’ve ridden before… we ask that you allow 50-100 miles to get used to BiSaddle. Your body isn’t used to being supported on your saddle by your sit bones. It’s like using new muscles and will take a little time to get used to. Just read the testimonials from people who initially thought it might not work for them, then discovered BiSaddle was the answer for ultimate comfort. And since BiSaddle is adjustable it might take a little “tweaking” to get it just right for you.

Fair enough?

NOW’s the time for you to get IMMEDIATE relief of pain, discomfort & PREVENT health issues.