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Read stories from women BiSaddle owners here. Some stories are of women’s own experiences with BiSaddle and others relate how they helped their husbands prevent or alleviate problems associated with traditional saddles.

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Saved my Ass… and now I know that I can’t go back

Installed my BiSaddle in April, and now I know that I can't go back. It makes me wonder why the common bike seat evolved in the direction it did. I think I accomplished about 95% of the adjustment in three increments in the first 100 miles. Now I only feel the need to...

If I couldn’t bike on a BiSaddle, I’d probably stop biking.

I bought my BiSaddle because I was experiencing numbness when I rode my bike for more than 15 minutes with my old seat. I have now been using my BiSaddle for over 10 years with no problems. Over that time I have done lots of recreational biking as well as commuting to...

No more scrotum pain – hallelujah !! I was sold!

Hi Jim, I cannot remember how long ago it was that I bought my BiSaddle from you - maybe six years? My son who is into mountain biking as well said that you cannot ride a bike with a seat that does not have a 'nose', and of course my friends - "what sort of seat is...

BiSaddle is a miracle cure!

Chronic prostatitus was the diagnosis that ended my 100 mile a week road bike hobby about 15 years ago. My doctor at the time said I could try a mountain bike with rear suspension, but riding in the drops was over for me. So I spent $1400 on a Cannondale mountain bike...

Randonneur Evaluator

 Completed the PBP this year riding the BiSaddle. Jim, I have been using your Bycycle Saddle now for over a year. I ride about 8,000 miles a year. These rides range in length from 62 miles to 750 mile at "one go". What I mean here is that I belong to a bicycle club...