BiSaddle ShapeShifter Saddle Upgrades for 2018

The new BiSaddle ShapeShifter features several improvements (over the previous Da Vinci model) that will help you enjoy a “pain free” and “worry free” bike ride.

  • Improved foam padding and gel design for more comfort and reduced weight 
  • New cover material and graphics for better looks, durability and just the right amount of "stick"
  • Front adjustment improved for more soft tissue comfort, especially for women
  • Extra length to back for more long range comfort and better body positioning for road and tri
  • New shape and surface ergonomics increase comfort in aero position
  • New Flex-Chassis isolates you from painful vibration and pivots slightly for better mechanics
  • New "unbendable" solid titanium rail design for heavy-duty mountain bike use

BiSaddle ShapeShifter Improvements For Comfort, Durability & Good Looks

New BiSaddle ShapeShifter (Left) BiSaddle DaVinci (Right)